Passion for Circularity

We are not just consultants – we are collaborators, providing the knowledge, resources, and guidance you need to effect real change. 

what makes us different

The codes we live by

Customer focus

Creating a clear plan with an expected time frame of service delivery and transparent expenditure breakdown.


Continuously seeking improvement and innovation while delivering high-quality outcomes.


Fostering a culture of open communication and close collaboration for collective success.


Each client is unique and we embark on each project with a resolute objective to achieve long-term sustainability.

Continuous learning

We proactively seek knowledge and promote knowledge sharing. We stay up-to-date with the latest sustainability practices.


We strive to minimise negative impact while complying with the latest sustainable standards.

Xylo Sweden

Meet your guides

Martina Fridl

Sustainability specialist

Creating a sustainable future is a necessity, not an option – I believe in the collective capacity to achieve it. My background in environmental engineering and sustainable infrastructure has equipped me with the knowledge needed for navigating a complex field of scientific information, legal requirements and practical issues. I am particularly keenly interested in waste management and repurposing due to its importance as the resource stream of the coming decades. Implementation of circular practices for more sustainable products and collaborative businesses is something I feel strongly about and am thus happy to help our clients with.

Paula Picardo

CEO & Founder

I’m a passionate sustainability and circular economy advocate with a deep commitment to tackling the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. My personal goal is to contribute to a better society.

With a background in chemical engineering and a specialization in sustainable development. I worked in the construction industry, as a Sustainability Specialist, were I ran a waste reduction project and successfully reduced construction waste by 20% within two years. This experience allowed me to gain valuable insights into the challenges of waste management in the industry, and the potential for circularity.

Our story

After working in the construction industry for some years, Paula found out that what most people see as a problem she sees as an opportunity- She talks about waste, there is waste everywhere, we want to get rid of it and don´t want to see it. But she want to see it and  transform it, and we want to show our clients how to do it too!

Paula created Xylo Sweden to help other companies not just get rid of their waste but also to use it and put it in value and create additional income streams from it.   

We specialise in guiding businesses towards a more circular model. What sets us apart is that we don´t focus on waste disposal – we focus on waste utilization and value creation.  

Since circularity is not possible by itself, we offer a comprehensive range of services in sustainability consultancy to businesses that want to thrive in the new green economy. The principles of circularity and respect for the environment are at the core of everything we do. That’s why we don´t believe in waste, we believe in resources that haven’t been fully used. 

We are a firm believer of Dennis Gabor´s quote “We cannot predict the future, but we can invent it”. 

Let’s invent a more circular future together! 


Changing the way we see waste

Xylo Sweden was founded on the principle that waste is not only a problem but also an opportunity. Our mission is to redefine waste and change the narrative around it. We are committed to conserving virgin resources and finding new ways to use existing waste.

Our name is derived from the Greek word “xylo”, which means “wood”, the most significant waste fraction in the construction industry and a valuable resource used in other industries. Our goal is to guide other companies in their sustainability journey by guiding them towards a more circular model. 

At Xylo Sweden, we believe that sustainability and circularity are essential for a better future. By partnering with us, companies can benefit from our expertise and experience in this field. We help companies minimize their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable world by provide answers to their “HOW” and “WHAT”.

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