Are you developing a new product and need an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)?

An EPD describes the product’s environmental impact in a transparent and comparable manner and is based on life cycle assessment (#LCA). Depending on what the product is, product category rules (PCR) define what needs to be included in the declaration. 

For example, an EPD for construction products needs to include 19 different environmental impact categories across the product’s production, manufacturing and end of life stages (or more!), which helps companies identify potential environmental issues along the value chain and encourages them to implement more circular designs for improved environmental performance. 
Generally, creating an EPD requires the following stages: product scoping, data collection, LCA modelling, results interpretation and writing of the report, EPD verification and finally, publishing 🏁. 

An EPD needs to be verified by an independent third party and then published through a program operator, such as EPD International, IBU, PEP Ecopassport, Programme INIES, EPD Norge etc. An EPD’s validity is usually for five years. Altogether, this gives you a trustworthy assessment of your product’s environmental impacts and helps demonstrate your sustainability efforts to your customers.

And the best part? As EPD International AB registered LCA consultants we can guide you through the process and help you create an EPD for your next product! 🐝

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