Introduction to CSRD

CS…SRD… CSR-what? You have probably heard of this acronym within the last two years, especially if you work in accounting, sustainability, or management positions. The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) refers to the EU legislation which was first proposed in 2021 and entered into force in January 2023. It is no longer sufficient to assess […]

Ready for some more information on #LCA? 

The LCA methodology is fundamentally based on very simple premises – materials and processes generate #EnvironmentalImpacts and depending on the quantity of our inputs, the environmental impacts are multiplied accordingly. Say, if production 🏭 of 1 kg of glass generates 1.25 kgCO2eq 💨, this emission factor can be applied to a desired quantity of glass included in […]

So, you want to do a life cycle assessment – what now?

Maybe you have already figured out what an #LCA is, maybe you know the required scope of your analysis, or maybe you have even started collecting data needed for the modeling.     ❓But what about the right choice of LCA software❓ Many kinds of software tools available on the market can organize, streamline, quantify, visualize, and sometimes even automate the […]

Are you developing a new product and need an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)?

An EPD describes the product’s environmental impact in a transparent and comparable manner and is based on life cycle assessment (#LCA). Depending on what the product is, product category rules (PCR) define what needs to be included in the declaration.  For example, an EPD for construction products needs to include 19 different environmental impact categories […]

GWP, do you know what it stands for?

Have you developed a new #product or #material and need to show how sustainable it is? Maybe a potential custumer is asking you to get the GWP of your product? Whatever the case, the GWP of your product can open many doors for you in the #new green economy. Here is what it is and how you get one. 👉 Global Warming Potential […]

All you need to know about LCA & EPD

Are you overwhelmed with all the sustainability regulations? At Xylo Sweden AB we believe Sustainability Compliance shouldn’t be so complicated. We are here to guide you… Let´s start with #LCA. You have probably heard of LCA before – it is one of the pillars of sustainability reporting. However, we know it can be complicated figuring out how […]

SMEs and Sustainability Reporting

Q1: Do SMEs need Sustainability Reporting? Sustainability reporting is becoming increasingly important for all organizations, includingSMEs, as stakeholders demand more transparency and accountability in the way businessesoperate and impact the environment and society. However, the number of SMEs (Small andMedium-sized Enterprises) that need sustainability reporting varies depending on variousfactors, such as the industry, size, location, […]

Fight against deforestation

We need to fight deforestation and the rapid destruction of some of the world’s most precious ecosystems Deforestation causes dramatic emission, about 4.8 billion tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) a year. In 2021, 3.75 million hectares of tropical primary rainforests were lost, resulting in 2.5 billion tonnes of carbon carbon dioxide emissions.  Forests act as […]

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