So, you want to do a life cycle assessment – what now?

Maybe you have already figured out what an #LCA is, maybe you know the required scope of your analysis, or maybe you have even started collecting data needed for the modeling.   
❓But what about the right choice of LCA software❓ 
Many kinds of software tools available on the market can organize, streamline, quantify, visualize, and sometimes even automate the assessment of environmental impacts associated with your product, service, building project, and so on.   
If you are a company in need of LCA documentation and have limited in-house expertise, you can outsource the whole task to LCA experts who will quickly determine which tool is the best for the purpose and usually also have access to it. However, some companies prefer to buy their own software license to facilitate engagement with sustainability compliance and have greater insight and flexibility when performing LCAs.   
Currently, six of the most widely used LCA software tools are SimaPro,
Sphera (previously GaBi), One Click LCA , openLCAEcochain Technologies Mobius, and Umberto iPoint-systems gmbh, though you can explore more options through LCA 🧑‍💻👩‍💻   
❓What is the difference between these tools❓ 
LCA tools are tailored to different purposes and require varying levels of expertise in LCA. Of course, they are also priced differently. For example, OpenLCA is free to use, though some databases that are formally required for issuing certain declarations and certifications are not included in the software. We will cover more information on databases and impact assessment methods in next week’s post, so stay tuned! 🗓️  
Generally, choosing the right LCA software tool requires you to know the following:   
💡 What is the purpose of your LCA (e.g. generating an EPD, calculating the embodied carbon of a building, obtaining BREEAM or LEED certificates)?   
💡 Depending on the purpose, is the use of certain databases or impact assessment methods mandatory?  
💡 If several tools fulfill those criteria, do you have a preference regarding the simplicity of user interface, price, and integration with other software tools (e.g. Excel and other BIM tools)?  
Above all else, we at Xylo Sweden understand that it is hard to navigate the changing tides of sustainability compliance, so we would love to guide you. We work primarily with SimaPro, though we also have experience with OneClickLCA, making us a great choice for a range of services. You can book a free consultation and let us help you make your first LCA simpler! 🌟 

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